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Counseling Center


The counseling center provides tons of resources to students. 





Every student is assigned a counselor based on their last name. 


A - Cl | Rick Dempsey

Co - G | Christian McKone

H-La | Steve Crane

Le - Pa | Carissa Thomas

Pe - Sm | Elaine Maimon

Sn - Z | Sloan Westerman 

Running start students | Stacey Zachau


Your counselor is there to help you succeed in high school. They can help you with schedule changes, they work to keep you on track for graduation, they are a safe space for you to talk to, and they can plug you into the resources you may specifically need. 


Developing a relationship with your counselor is always a good idea as they assist you in many areas including college applications. You can also book an appointment if you have a specific need. 

Career Center

The career center at school has many resources including help in post-secondary education or work, volunteer and job opportunities, and general resources on how to be successful in and out of the classroom. 



Updates about the Wildcat Career Center are pushed out to all students through their Schoology group. 






Other resources 

We have on campus Social Workers, Mrs. Thomas who specializes in Mental Health & Trauma. You can schedule an appointment by emailing her directly, or by emailing your assigned counselor.

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newAppointment (1).gif

Office Staff



Please use the attendance window or desk if you are coming in late to school, or need help with specific-attendance issues. If you get a slip, you can just leave without checking in.



The finance window is open most of the time before or after school and during lunch. You come to the finance window to pay fees you have, or to purchase specific things like tickets to a dance.



The nurse’s room is located right inside the main office. You can see the nurse if you are feeling sick or if you get injured. You can come anytime, just ask your teacher.


Every student has a specific vice-principal assigned to them based on their last name. 


Vernie Newell | (A-Ei) 

Jessica Easthope | (Ej-La) 

Krista Lallemand | (Lb-Ro) 

Joe Boertmann | (Rp-Z)


Vice-principals help students stay on track, but also help in almost every area of our school. Additionally, we have 3 other administrators.


Michelle Chaney | CTE Director

Chris Hill | Athletic Director

Ms. Hay | Principal



Teachers are your number one resource. Every single one of your teachers have chosen to pursue a career in education because they are passionate about teaching and believe in students. Additionally, staff are trained on connecting you with the adults and resources you may need. 


Here are some of the easiest & best ways to have a good relationship with your teacher:

  1. Say Hi on your way into class

  2. At appropriate times, ask your teachers questions and talk about your life

  3. Say Thank You to your teachers after class


Also, teachers can be a safe person to talk to. If you’re comfortable and need support from an adult, please talk to your teachers. Just know that teachers are mandatory reporters meaning if they think you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, or in danger of being hurt; they must report it. 


Teachers are also willing to work with you, and part of navigating high school is about advocating for yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask teachers to work out a plan for you if you’re sick, on vacation, falling behind, or have missing assignments. Most teachers are willing to make accommodations and meet you in the middle, if you’re willing to ask. 


Additionally here are some important tips involving teachers.

Schoology Messaging


-message teachers ahead of time if applicable

-be respectful at all times

-sign your name and say thank you

Checking your grades

gradebook (1).gif

-grading policy: eventually all 0’s will become 50%

-Skyward grades are usually synced every Friday

 Online Resources 

 Adobe Suit 

All students have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud with many free Adobe programs including Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Animator. Just know a lot of these programs require serious computing power.

adobe sign in (1) (1).gif

How to sign in:

  1. Go to this link 

  2. Put in your school email address and click “Continue”

  3. Click “Company or School Account”

  4. Finish the sign in process

  5. Go: 


  • Kami:  For editing PDFs and Documents

  • Adobe Spark:  For graphic designing 

  • Canva Premium:  For graphic designing & presentations

 Class  Link 

Help & Hotlines

For problems at school such as vandalism please report these things to our anonymous tip line and be specific as possible.

Tipline: 306-587-4726


If you are needing serious support, please reference our resources below. Your ASB card has some helpful tiplines, and more are attached below. 



On Campus Support

We have a variety of resources and supports on campus that can help provide you with clarity for any questions you may have, or can provide you with therapy and support if you are struggling, or if you just need someone to talk to. Lauren Thomas, who is our School Social Worker, Eleanore Denegre and Kaylee Hunt, who are our Friends of Youth Mental Health Counselors) are three staff members at Mount Si located in the counseling center that specialize in trauma therapy and mental health. 

You can set up an appointment to meet with them by either emailing them, or walking down to the counseling center and setting up an appointment. If you don’t know where to start, you can always reach out to your school counselor and they can get you connected.

In addition to these three individuals, you can also meet with any of our amazing school counselors for any additional support you may need. 

Off Campus Support

If you or a friend are ever in immediate danger or are in need of help, below are the hotlines for King County’s Sexual assault resource center. These hotlines are great because they can provide over-the phone emotional support to anyone in need, they can connect you to further therapy support or resources if you are in crisis. 

If you are ready to explore this topic in depth and get help in our own journey, below are also some mental health agencies that can connect you to a therapist/counselor that specializes in trauma therapy and crisis response. Friends of Youth is a great resource that is in Snoqualmie valley, and Harborview and sound are located in Seattle and Bellevue. 

King County’s Sexual Assault Resource Center:

(888) 9988 - 6423

(425) 282 - 0324

Counseling Specific Resources:

SEATTLE, WA (206) 744 - 1600

NORTH BEND, WA (425) 392 - 6367

BELLEVUE, WA (206) 901- 2000

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